Chapter 4

Buying is choosing

Introduction to chapter 4
In this chapter buying and paying are central. To start with the latter: there are various ways in which you can pay for something, namely paying in cash with coins, banknotes or e-wallet and cashless payment with a debit card, giro collection form or transfer order. In order to make cashless payments you need to have a transfer account (also known as a current account). The title of this chapter “Buying is choosing” has been a very conscious choice, for buying always entails choosing. When you buy one thing, your money is spent and you cannot buy something else. Especially when buying more durable goods such as running shoes, a game computer, and so on. It is important to compare the different articles and weigh your decision carefully. This is not always that easy. After all, advertisers do everything they can to present their products as the best, the most beautiful, etc. And you have to stand firm in order to resist that pressure.

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