Chapter 5

An enterprise of one’s own

Introduction to chapter 5

Many people think it is ideal to become self-employed later. Working in the employment of a boss seems to be less attractive. Still, what exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of an enterprise of one’s own compared with working in employment? And what does having your own enterprise entail? You need to do your own administration and there is a great number of questions that you are faced with then. For how do you calculate the expected turnover of your enterprise and what are the purchase costs that you can expect? How high will the operating costs be and how do you calculate the gross and net profit to be expected? And at the end of the month you can determine the actual turnover, costs, gross and net profit and only then do you really know whether all your efforts have been worth it.

When you have dealt with this chapter, you should be able to answer the above questions.
This chapter gives you a rather good idea of what you can expect in the subject of Management & Organisation in 4 and 5 havo.

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