Chapter 6

Ewout’s courier service

Introduction to chapter 6
In this chapter you are made familiar with a number of things that you definitely need to know as an entrepreneur. Of course, you can always call in the help of a bookkeeper, but if you don’t know yourself what a balance sheet is, what the items in a balance sheet mean, why there is a debit side and a credit side, you will inevitably get into trouble sooner or later. The ability to read a balance sheet is part of the basic knowledge of an entrepreneur. In addition, there is a profit and loss account, a very important survey in an enterprise. From the profit and loss account you can deduce what your revenues are, what the costs are and whether you have made a profit or incurred a loss. In this chapter you learn how to draw up a balance sheet, how financial transactions lead to changes in the balance sheet and you also learn how to draw up a profit and loss account. Finally, this chapter devotes attention to VAT, which is neither a revenue nor a cost item for the enterprise.
In the subject of Management and Organisation in 4 and 5 havo a lot of attention will be given to this.

Links with chapter 6
Powerpoint about balance sheet and profit and loss account.
Turnover tax, including or excluding VAT.