chapter 7

chapter 7

The consumer is you

As a consumer you determine what you buy or not, and in this way you indicate what you find important. So your choices have an effect on the production and on its consequences.

Production comes with effects that have not been incorporated into the price. These so-called external effects may be positive and negative. Examples of external effects are poverty resulting from poor working conditions (social effect) and environmental pollution from activities like flying.

Consumers sometimes do and sometimes do not take sustainability into consideration. By far the greatest group does so sometimes. When consumers know little about the circumstances in which products are produced, so when there is little transparency, it is difficult to take this into account in your decision to buy. Hallmarks can be a solution for this.

The moral licence makes socially responsible behaviour even more complicated. Consumers will use more of an environmentally friendly variant of a product, so that the environmental burden will increase. A water-saving shower head will only save water when you shower as long as or shorter than you did before.

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