Chapter 2

The government around us

In our country you can decide a lot of things yourself: which clubs you join or whether you do or do not go to church, whether you take a dog or not, etc. Still, you cannot always do as you please. Research shows that one in seven Dutchmen is affected by serious noise nuisance caused by neighbours. People often manage to come to a satisfying agreement with each other, but sometimes they cannot arrange things themselves. In such a situation you need rules that everybody has to comply with, even if they do not agree. These rules are made by the municipal government. Thus it is possible to live next to and with each other.

The government also interferes with us in other ways. For example, the national government takes care of the construction of dykes, education, healthcare, benefits, the police and the administration of justice. Who is this government and why does the government do this? Why do we not let private entrepreneurs take care of the production of all goods and the provision of all services?

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